Why Brand?

The single most important decision you can make when entering the real estate business, will be to get professionally Branded.

You might say that you can’t afford to invest in branding when you are a new agent, however you cannot afford to wait. In the past, you could rely on the real estate brokerage you were with to be your brand. However, now there are too many competitors in your field. Its imperative you at least look professional from the get-go. When you have a professionally designed brand, your potential clients will perceive you to be more successful at a glance. You are the Brand.

The number one reason clients come to Agent Makeover is for a distinctive, professional branded image that will eliminate any doubt of their professional credibility. In order to obtain their listing you must look trustworthy, reliable, and friendly. You should stand out from your competitors. Remember that a brand is more than a nice logo, and an updated photo. Our experience, helps us put depth in your brand and it will tell your story at a glance. Every element of the branding is carefully planned to match who you are and will accentuate your strengths. There is only one you and you only have one chance to make a good First impression.