How to Create a Unique Tagline

Every kiss begins with Kay. Got Milk? Just Do It. There’s a reason why these taglines were included on Forbes’ list of The Top Ten Taglines of All Time. To quote Forbes, they “brilliantly capture a brand’s differentiation, [and] provoke an emotional response or compel action”. So how do you do the same?

If you’re struggling to come up with an attention grabbing tagline, here a few tips that will help you create your own Top 10 worthy tagline.

  • Keep it short and simple.

Easier said than done, we know. A good tagline should be no longer than ten words and describe what it is you do in the shortest space possible. Here’s a good exercise to try. Grab a piece of paper and write down what your business offers in three sentences. Then, shorten it down to two sentences. Then shorten it down to one. Viola! There’s your tagline, or at least a concrete starting point.

  • Be consistent.

Consistency is the name of the game with tagline creation. You want to make sure that your tagline is consistent, and complimentary, to your logo, company name, and projected image. Don’t craft a tagline that isn’t true to who you are.

  • Focus on what makes you different.

Have a unique selling proposition? Use it! Don’t be afraid to show off what makes you different from your competitors. Maybe you offer services in multiple languages or maybe you’re backed by an amazing team. Or, maybe you offer a complimentary service that clients can’t get elsewhere. Whatever is it, showcase it as part of your tagline.

Not exactly sure what your USP is? Ask yourself these three questions: What is the ultimate benefit I want my customer to gain? How will my service make my customer’s life better? Why is my business better than my competitions?

  • Make it timeless.

Whenever possible, a tagline should be geared for longevity so try to avoid wording that won’t stand the test of time. References to technology or phrases like “the only” are risky so we always recommend steering clear of them.

  • Ensure it can stand-alone.

It’s important to give your tagline its own two feet to stand on, in case you ever need to use it separate from the rest of your branding. A perfectly crafted tagline should tell your audience what you do and the value you offer without the need for further explanation.

  • Consider your target market.

Make sure your tagline speaks to the people it’s supposed to. It should be relatable and easily understood by your entire target market. And, if your tagline is going to be translated into other languages, make sure it still makes sense. For example, KFC’s slogan here is “finger lickin’ good” but in China it translates as “eat your fingers off.” Not exactly appealing is it?

  • Get input.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the get go. Ask your colleagues, friends, and family for their two cents. Or, even ask your social media followers to vote on your top three tagline ideas.

And, don’t forget us…we’re always here to help! As our tagline says “Let us tell your story” and part of that story is most definitely your tagline.