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Current Branding Trends

Chances are you’ve invested a lot of time and hard work into establishing your brand and it’s paid off. You’ve solidly set yourself apart from your competitors, cemented a loyal customer base, and created a unique customer experience. And, we bet you want to keep it this way, right? Well, that’s why it’s always important to stay up to date on digital and visual current branding trends so that you can evolve your own brand strategy to stay current, competitive, and effective.

Here’s a little snapshot of current branding trends happening right now that you should be aware of:

Current Branding Trend #1: Personalization & Authenticity

This year consumers will continue to expect more from brands than just a sales pitch. Rather they want to see the value behind the brand. The easiest way to do this is to continue to create a personal relationship with your audience by listening to feedback and acting like a fellow human being rather than a dollar-hungry brand.

For example, if someone leaves you a Facebook comment or question, answer it, and answer it genuinely. Don’t just give the stock “Thank you for your feedback” answer. Instead be real in your response – “Thank you for your feedback, Susan. I’ll make note of that for future posts. It’s always great to have new ideas!”

Never underestimate the value of the human element in your branding. Also, don’t be afraid to showcase your personality. Like cheesy jokes? Share a few (clean of course) on your social media or in your next e-blast. Love numbers and stats? Share away! It will allow your customers to know, and relate with, the “you” behind your brand.

Current Branding Trend #2: Immersive Interactions

If you’re looking to capture the attention of today’s Generation Z, or millennial, you’ll need to adopt immersive interactions as part of your marketing strategy so your brand stands out as being technically savvy. Try chat bots, a live chat option on your site, or an app like Proof that show real-time purchase activities.

Current Branding Trend #3: Video Growth

Video is definitely not going anywhere this year (or any year in the near future!). If you’re not using Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and YouTube, you should be. You can use video to share tips, connect with your audience, and provide value with inspirational and uplifting stories that generate interest and show how your brand can be used to change everyday experiences.

Current Branding Trend #4: Branded Communities

In the online space today, customers want a space to virtually hang-out and share their passions and interests. Not only is this space a great way to connect with your audience, it’s also a way to learn more about your customers and get valuable feedback on your current services. A perfectly designed branded community should be one where, although you are in a position of authority, everyone in the group is treated equally and there is no overt sales pressure. You can utilize LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, or online forums (either hosted externally or on your own site).

Current Branding Trend #5: Influencer Marketing

Generation Z relies heavily on social media to learn about brands, and their products. That’s why this year it’s important to establish yourself as an authority in your field so you can influence the decisions of this generation. Working alongside brand ambassadors or influencers can be very beneficial in this space.

Current Branding Trend #6: Purpose and Activism

In today’s market, many customers would rather endorse a brand that stands up for a cause. Having purpose humanizes your brand, shows your company’s values, and makes it easier for you to align with the values of your target audience. It shows your customers the reason behind your service and how their hard-earned money will be spent. Showcase your activism on your website, social media (i.e. this month we donated $$$ to XYZ), in your newsletters, e-mail signatures, on your stationary, or even at your open houses. You can either use the cause’s logo (with their permission of course) or include a simple statement, “We are a proud supporter of XYZ.”

Current Branding Trend #7: Vibrant Colors and Bold Typography

This year is all about vibrant and strong contrasting primary colors, bright gradients, color overlay, double exposure, and other different photo saturations. Bold typography is also making waves, with fonts with more personality taking a visual presence on websites.

Current Branding Trend #8: Simple and Minimalistic Design

Contrary to the bright colors and eye catching typography trends, design this year favors simple and minimalistic design and whitespace. Even logos are being simplified, sometimes to nothing more than typography. The focus is on imagery and minimal text. Website design is also now straying from visual balance to instead be asymmetrical. Prioritizing mobile design will also be essential.

Current Branding Trend #9: Animation

Animation is the name of the game this year as it brings a brand’s story to life quickly. It can also be very effective in drawing visitors to a website home page, communicating complex messages easily and in ways that viewers can “get” right away. A great example is an animated logo or GIFs. An animated logo helps a brand bring more life to its persona and can be very engaging when properly done. Click here for some examples.

Make this year the year that your brand really makes waves by adopting and/or adapting your brand to reflect the needs and wants of your target audience.

Agent Makeover is passionate about all these trends but when it comes to colors, typography, and design, we’re really fired up! If you’re feeling like your brand is falling behind in these areas, and want a second opinion, let us know. We haven’t met a trend we can’t meet!