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Why Personal Brochures Never Go Out Of Style

With digital marketing and online advertising all the rage these days, the thought of producing and disseminating a personal brochure may be the furthest thing from your mind.

But, before you write-off the good-old fashioned brochure all together, remember that personal brochures are the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, without limitations. This isn’t always the case with digital marketing (for example, Facebook Ads strongly favor imagery over text and Google Ads don’t let you use images at all). With a brochure, you can include as much or as little as you want about your company, products, or services, ensuring that there’s consistency across all your collateral. Want to use your company color or fonts, imagery and logo? Go ahead! Unlike digital templates which sometimes restrict your color or font selections, or even whether or not you can include a logo or image (or either), personal brochures can incorporate any and all elements that make your brand what it is.

Here are a few other ways the brochure still holds its ground in the marketing game, and its effectiveness:

Ideal for Reaching Your Target Audience

When you hand out a brochure, you can be selective about who you give it, and ensure that it’s delivered. With digital marketing you can pick and choose your audience to some degree but you can’t ensure that message is fully received at the other end. Just think of all the events you attend where you have a completely captive audience of leads: open houses, networking events, conferences, and more. And because personal brochures are distributed by hand you can add that personal touch to the interaction – “Hi, I’m Adam. It’s great to meet you. Here’s a brochure about my business. I’d love to chat more.” With digital marketing, you’re talking to someone on the other end of a social post, e-mail chain, or paid ad campaign that doesn’t have a face to put to the name. Brochures provide a tangible piece of marketing for those leads you qualify through a conversation that builds rapport and trust.

Stays top of mind

Unlike an e-mail, that a lead may not read, or delete immediately after reading, a brochure can be touched, kept, and even passed on to others. A tangible piece of marketing collateral has more longevity and is more top of mind than digital marketing that is quickly swallowed up amongst the World Wide Web. If you can’t remember what a brochure says you can grab it easily, whereas with a web advertisement you have to search for it again, which is not only time-consuming, but also frustrating.

Makes an impression

Hand a lead a glossy Technicolor high-color brochure and get ready to impress. Not only will they appreciate the quality of the material used, the print, and the contents, they’ll also associate your brand with quality. Try doing that with digital marketing…it’s not as easy for sure! Don’t underestimate the value of captivating imagery, punchy copy, bold color schemes, quality stocks and inks when designing your brochure. Having quality marketing materials goes a long way in building credibility with your customer.


Not only is a brochure design cost-effective, but if you print using offset printing, you can print high quality brochures in bulk for a small prices versus a pay per click campaign which can cost thousands of dollars. Distributing in person costs nothing and although distributing by mail does cost, you can easily control it depending on how little or how much you want to spend.



Our Theme Brochures will tie into your values as a REALTOR® showcasing your brand and personal story. These quality personal brochures are a unique product that can develop a connection with others. Hand them out at your Open Houses or mail via unaddressed ad mail to your farm area. We design a 4 page brochure that folds to 5.5 x 8.5.  You simply have to send us your copy, or a rough outline, and any testimonials or photos you’d like us to use, and we will fine tune the messaging. We will also lay everything out beautifully with an awesome quote and photo on the front that relates directly to your brand.  We then send you the press ready files, so you can order from us or your local printer. Our price for design is $ 1500 CDN and it will be your exclusive design (no template styles). Everything we do is handcrafted for you.

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