Agent Makeover How to Provide Unbeatable Real Estate Service

How to Provide “Unbeatable” Real Estate Service

“I offer unbeatable service!” How often have you heard this? Probably more times than you can count! So, what can you do personally to provide your own version of “unbeatable service” and stand out from the ever-growing real estate crowd? Here are few things that we always recommend:

Keep an eye on the competition

There’s truth to that saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” okay, well competitors in this case. To stay one step ahead, you want to know what your competitors are doing as often as possible. Pay attention to what they are doing online, in print, and on their own website, and then stay one step ahead. Is there something they are doing that is really ingenious or unique? Can you top it, or adopt it and make it your own? For example, maybe they have a lot of response to their 360 videos on social. Why not put your own spin on things and encourage your customers to create their own 360 videos showcasing the new home they bought through you. Ask them to include what they liked best about working with you. This not only engages your customers but solicits valuable video testimonials that you can repurpose for other uses. Or, put together a neighbourhood tour – capture multiple attractions in your area, narrate about what makes your neighbour special, and highlight great transportation options, nightlife, parks, and landmarks.

Take your services up a notch

Selling and buying real estate doesn’t have to be black and white. In fact, you can easily create a full-service package offering by making connections with mortgage brokers, inspectors, movers, house cleaners, and even landscapers in your area. You’ll become a one-stop shop for your customers, which will be appreciated, valued and likely drive repeat business. On your website, or in your brochure, mention these services under “Additional Services” or “How Else We Can Help” so they can be conveniently found by existing, and potential, customers.

You can also be your own full-service package by blowing leaves and debris off your client’s driveway before an open house, picking up some fresh flowers to dress up the living space, giving the front windows a quick wipe down, or even running the mower over the lawn quickly. We’re not saying you need to become a part-time landscaper but going the extra mile another agent may not will very likely make all the difference.

Don’t neglect your signage

Let’s face it. Real estate signs are a dime a dozen. There are so many in the market that sometimes they all seem to blur together. To avoid this, don’t neglect your signage. Spend time, thought, and effort in having signs designed that reflect your brand, not just your brokerage (we can help here!). Don’t just leave your signs and forget them. Keep them clean and replace broken or worn ones. Your signs are often the first point of contact for your customers so you want them to leave the best impression possible. A muddy, cracked, or faded sign certainly won’t do the trick! Also, explore different signage options. Lawn signs are great but what about a transit shelter, billboard, or digital signage?


Just because the contract has been signed and the keys have been handed over, doesn’t mean the relationship with your client has to be over. Don’t underestimate the value in following up, whether that’s in person or by phone. Ask how they like their new home and if they have any questions about the neighbourhood or need recommendation for local services. You can even stop by their new home with a card, flowers, gift certificate for a local hotspot, wine, or just to say hi. Don’t forget to send a holiday card!

Don’t underestimate your marketing collateral

For every one brochure you have, the next guy is going to have two brochures – one for selling, one for buying, a postcard, swag, blog, and a unique tagline. Don’t do just the bare minimum when it comes to your branding and marketing collateral. Instead, call Agent Makeover to find out what you need, and how to get there. Utilizing a creative agency will help you get ahead of the game before it’s too late!