Agent Makeover How to Provide Unbeatable Real Estate Service

How to Provide “Unbeatable” Real Estate Service

“I offer unbeatable service!” How often have you heard this? Probably more times than you can count! So, what can you do personally to provide your own version of “unbeatable service” and stand out from the ever-growing real estate crowd? Here are few things that we always recommend:

Keep an eye on the competition

There’s truth to that saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” okay, well competitors in this case. To stay one step ahead, you want to know what your competitors are doing as often as possible. Pay attention to what they are doing online, in print, and on their own website, and then stay one step ahead. Is there something they are doing that is really ingenious or unique? Can you top it, or adopt it and make it your own? For example, maybe they have a lot of response to their 360 videos on social. Why not put your own spin on things and encourage your customers to create their own 360 videos showcasing the new home they bought through you. Ask them to include what they liked best about working with you. This not only engages your customers but solicits valuable video testimonials that you can repurpose for other uses. Or, put together a neighbourhood tour – capture multiple attractions in your area, narrate about what makes your neighbour special, and highlight great transportation options, nightlife, parks, and landmarks.

Take your services up a notch

Selling and buying real estate doesn’t have to be black and white. In fact, you can easily create a full-service package offering by making connections with mortgage brokers, inspectors, movers, house cleaners, and even landscapers in your area. You’ll become a one-stop shop for your customers, which will be appreciated, valued and likely drive repeat business. On your website, or in your brochure, mention these services under “Additional Services” or “How Else We Can Help” so they can be conveniently found by existing, and potential, customers.

You can also be your own full-service package by blowing leaves and debris off your client’s driveway before an open house, picking up some fresh flowers to dress up the living space, giving the front windows a quick wipe down, or even running the mower over the lawn quickly. We’re not saying you need to become a part-time landscaper but going the extra mile another agent may not will very likely make all the difference.

Don’t neglect your signage

Let’s face it. Real estate signs are a dime a dozen. There are so many in the market that sometimes they all seem to blur together. To avoid this, don’t neglect your signage. Spend time, thought, and effort in having signs designed that reflect your brand, not just your brokerage (we can help here!). Don’t just leave your signs and forget them. Keep them clean and replace broken or worn ones. Your signs are often the first point of contact for your customers so you want them to leave the best impression possible. A muddy, cracked, or faded sign certainly won’t do the trick! Also, explore different signage options. Lawn signs are great but what about a transit shelter, billboard, or digital signage?


Just because the contract has been signed and the keys have been handed over, doesn’t mean the relationship with your client has to be over. Don’t underestimate the value in following up, whether that’s in person or by phone. Ask how they like their new home and if they have any questions about the neighbourhood or need recommendation for local services. You can even stop by their new home with a card, flowers, gift certificate for a local hotspot, wine, or just to say hi. Don’t forget to send a holiday card!

Don’t underestimate your marketing collateral

For every one brochure you have, the next guy is going to have two brochures – one for selling, one for buying, a postcard, swag, blog, and a unique tagline. Don’t do just the bare minimum when it comes to your branding and marketing collateral. Instead, call Agent Makeover to find out what you need, and how to get there. Utilizing a creative agency will help you get ahead of the game before it’s too late!

Personal Brochures - Agent Makeover

Why Personal Brochures Never Go Out Of Style

With digital marketing and online advertising all the rage these days, the thought of producing and disseminating a personal brochure may be the furthest thing from your mind.

But, before you write-off the good-old fashioned brochure all together, remember that personal brochures are the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, without limitations. This isn’t always the case with digital marketing (for example, Facebook Ads strongly favor imagery over text and Google Ads don’t let you use images at all). With a brochure, you can include as much or as little as you want about your company, products, or services, ensuring that there’s consistency across all your collateral. Want to use your company color or fonts, imagery and logo? Go ahead! Unlike digital templates which sometimes restrict your color or font selections, or even whether or not you can include a logo or image (or either), personal brochures can incorporate any and all elements that make your brand what it is.

Here are a few other ways the brochure still holds its ground in the marketing game, and its effectiveness:

Ideal for Reaching Your Target Audience

When you hand out a brochure, you can be selective about who you give it, and ensure that it’s delivered. With digital marketing you can pick and choose your audience to some degree but you can’t ensure that message is fully received at the other end. Just think of all the events you attend where you have a completely captive audience of leads: open houses, networking events, conferences, and more. And because personal brochures are distributed by hand you can add that personal touch to the interaction – “Hi, I’m Adam. It’s great to meet you. Here’s a brochure about my business. I’d love to chat more.” With digital marketing, you’re talking to someone on the other end of a social post, e-mail chain, or paid ad campaign that doesn’t have a face to put to the name. Brochures provide a tangible piece of marketing for those leads you qualify through a conversation that builds rapport and trust.

Stays top of mind

Unlike an e-mail, that a lead may not read, or delete immediately after reading, a brochure can be touched, kept, and even passed on to others. A tangible piece of marketing collateral has more longevity and is more top of mind than digital marketing that is quickly swallowed up amongst the World Wide Web. If you can’t remember what a brochure says you can grab it easily, whereas with a web advertisement you have to search for it again, which is not only time-consuming, but also frustrating.

Makes an impression

Hand a lead a glossy Technicolor high-color brochure and get ready to impress. Not only will they appreciate the quality of the material used, the print, and the contents, they’ll also associate your brand with quality. Try doing that with digital marketing…it’s not as easy for sure! Don’t underestimate the value of captivating imagery, punchy copy, bold color schemes, quality stocks and inks when designing your brochure. Having quality marketing materials goes a long way in building credibility with your customer.


Not only is a brochure design cost-effective, but if you print using offset printing, you can print high quality brochures in bulk for a small prices versus a pay per click campaign which can cost thousands of dollars. Distributing in person costs nothing and although distributing by mail does cost, you can easily control it depending on how little or how much you want to spend.



Our Theme Brochures will tie into your values as a REALTOR® showcasing your brand and personal story. These quality personal brochures are a unique product that can develop a connection with others. Hand them out at your Open Houses or mail via unaddressed ad mail to your farm area. We design a 4 page brochure that folds to 5.5 x 8.5.  You simply have to send us your copy, or a rough outline, and any testimonials or photos you’d like us to use, and we will fine tune the messaging. We will also lay everything out beautifully with an awesome quote and photo on the front that relates directly to your brand.  We then send you the press ready files, so you can order from us or your local printer. Our price for design is $ 1500 CDN and it will be your exclusive design (no template styles). Everything we do is handcrafted for you.

Call us today to get started!

Agent-Makeover-Current Branding Trends

Current Branding Trends

Chances are you’ve invested a lot of time and hard work into establishing your brand and it’s paid off. You’ve solidly set yourself apart from your competitors, cemented a loyal customer base, and created a unique customer experience. And, we bet you want to keep it this way, right? Well, that’s why it’s always important to stay up to date on digital and visual current branding trends so that you can evolve your own brand strategy to stay current, competitive, and effective.

Here’s a little snapshot of current branding trends happening right now that you should be aware of:

Current Branding Trend #1: Personalization & Authenticity

This year consumers will continue to expect more from brands than just a sales pitch. Rather they want to see the value behind the brand. The easiest way to do this is to continue to create a personal relationship with your audience by listening to feedback and acting like a fellow human being rather than a dollar-hungry brand.

For example, if someone leaves you a Facebook comment or question, answer it, and answer it genuinely. Don’t just give the stock “Thank you for your feedback” answer. Instead be real in your response – “Thank you for your feedback, Susan. I’ll make note of that for future posts. It’s always great to have new ideas!”

Never underestimate the value of the human element in your branding. Also, don’t be afraid to showcase your personality. Like cheesy jokes? Share a few (clean of course) on your social media or in your next e-blast. Love numbers and stats? Share away! It will allow your customers to know, and relate with, the “you” behind your brand.

Current Branding Trend #2: Immersive Interactions

If you’re looking to capture the attention of today’s Generation Z, or millennial, you’ll need to adopt immersive interactions as part of your marketing strategy so your brand stands out as being technically savvy. Try chat bots, a live chat option on your site, or an app like Proof that show real-time purchase activities.

Current Branding Trend #3: Video Growth

Video is definitely not going anywhere this year (or any year in the near future!). If you’re not using Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and YouTube, you should be. You can use video to share tips, connect with your audience, and provide value with inspirational and uplifting stories that generate interest and show how your brand can be used to change everyday experiences.

Current Branding Trend #4: Branded Communities

In the online space today, customers want a space to virtually hang-out and share their passions and interests. Not only is this space a great way to connect with your audience, it’s also a way to learn more about your customers and get valuable feedback on your current services. A perfectly designed branded community should be one where, although you are in a position of authority, everyone in the group is treated equally and there is no overt sales pressure. You can utilize LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, or online forums (either hosted externally or on your own site).

Current Branding Trend #5: Influencer Marketing

Generation Z relies heavily on social media to learn about brands, and their products. That’s why this year it’s important to establish yourself as an authority in your field so you can influence the decisions of this generation. Working alongside brand ambassadors or influencers can be very beneficial in this space.

Current Branding Trend #6: Purpose and Activism

In today’s market, many customers would rather endorse a brand that stands up for a cause. Having purpose humanizes your brand, shows your company’s values, and makes it easier for you to align with the values of your target audience. It shows your customers the reason behind your service and how their hard-earned money will be spent. Showcase your activism on your website, social media (i.e. this month we donated $$$ to XYZ), in your newsletters, e-mail signatures, on your stationary, or even at your open houses. You can either use the cause’s logo (with their permission of course) or include a simple statement, “We are a proud supporter of XYZ.”

Current Branding Trend #7: Vibrant Colors and Bold Typography

This year is all about vibrant and strong contrasting primary colors, bright gradients, color overlay, double exposure, and other different photo saturations. Bold typography is also making waves, with fonts with more personality taking a visual presence on websites.

Current Branding Trend #8: Simple and Minimalistic Design

Contrary to the bright colors and eye catching typography trends, design this year favors simple and minimalistic design and whitespace. Even logos are being simplified, sometimes to nothing more than typography. The focus is on imagery and minimal text. Website design is also now straying from visual balance to instead be asymmetrical. Prioritizing mobile design will also be essential.

Current Branding Trend #9: Animation

Animation is the name of the game this year as it brings a brand’s story to life quickly. It can also be very effective in drawing visitors to a website home page, communicating complex messages easily and in ways that viewers can “get” right away. A great example is an animated logo or GIFs. An animated logo helps a brand bring more life to its persona and can be very engaging when properly done. Click here for some examples.

Make this year the year that your brand really makes waves by adopting and/or adapting your brand to reflect the needs and wants of your target audience.

Agent Makeover is passionate about all these trends but when it comes to colors, typography, and design, we’re really fired up! If you’re feeling like your brand is falling behind in these areas, and want a second opinion, let us know. We haven’t met a trend we can’t meet!

Agent Makeover - Instagram

The Instagram Advantage

If you’ve been toying with the idea of setting up an Instagram presence for your business, you’re definitely on the right track.

With over 800 million monthly active users, 40 billion photos shared to date, and 4.2 billion likes a day, the photo and video-sharing social networking service Instagram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s the perfect vehicle for reaching a captive audience of affluent prospects between the ages of 18 and 29 (59% of Instagram users) and 30 and 49 (33% of Instagram users). It’s also a great platform for sharing video, with Instagram videos receiving twice the views of others social platforms. You can also rank quicker organically than other traditional methods of online SEO.

It’s also a great lead generation, sales, and referral tool. In fact, user engagement for real estate Instagram posts is ten times higher than Facebook. You’ll reach local homeowners looking to sell, local and out of town buyers looking for homes in your area, out of town realtors looking for referral agents and/or homes in your area, past clients who follow you online, new clients who discover your profile, and referral clients who were tagged on Instagram by a mutual connection. Think of your Instagram profile as the new door-knocking, cold-calling, and mailing that costs nothing more than your time. You can easily prospect for new clients based on locations through liking and commenting on other users profiles. Remember to always tag the location of your posts as tagging a location can increase engagement by up to 79%.

It’s also a powerful branding tool. A real estate Instagram allows you to tell an impactful, visual story about who you really are and what you really do. You can visually prove that you know an area better than anyone else, work with an award winning staging expert, hold interesting and unique open houses, or have outstanding marketing materials (this is where we come in!). You can also showcase your personality and that of the team, by sharing behind the scenes pictures of team outings, birthdays, meetings, or even photo shoots.

Speaking of visual stories, here are a few content ideas to get you started:

  1. The basic listing post that includes a tasteful shot of the exterior, vital property information, your contact information and some relevant hashtags to maximize the reach of your post
  2. Behind the scenes posts/videos showing how to stage a home, the process of setting up an open house, or the joy experienced by a first time buyer getting the keys to their very first home
  3. A listing sneak peek post that piques allows the reader to envision themselves living in the home – the crystal chandelier, the sports car in the driveway, the spacious, spa-like master bedroom, the perfectly landscaped backyard
  4. Open house video walk through that points out the key features of the homes from the perspective of a buyer, from the minute they walk through the front door
  5. Neighborhood video tour that showcases the features of the neighborhood like the schools, parks, and shops
  6. A view or vista shot – If a listing has an unbeatable view of the ocean, river, mountains, lake, or the city skyline, show it off!
  7. Agent promo – Have a great new member of your team? Create a brief video showing them off!
  8. A text post that celebrates a business milestone – for example, your 1000th sale or even your 1000th Instagram follower.

Your Instagram content will of course evolve organically as you learn what your followers enjoy and respond to best.

Always remember to include your contact details in every post – whether that’s your email, phone number, or website, making it easy for potential customers to reach you. And, don’t be afraid to hashtag. It will make your posts easier to find.

Also, be sure to fill in your profile, highlighting what you, and your brand, offer. Include an on-brand, friendly bio photo that is vibrant, stylish, and friendly (call us if you need help taking one!).

Happy Instagraming!

E-Newsletters 101

E-Newsletters 101

If you’ve been toying with the idea of sending an e-newsletter to your clients, go for it! E-newsletters are a great way to build and maintain customer relationships, keep your audience engaged, build trust, showcase what your business offers, and drive traffic to your website or social media platforms. An e-newsletter can be used to promote open houses, showcase new listings, provide helpful tips, share industry news, or promote special offers or giveaways. Repeat studies have shown that an average of 66% of online consumers make a purchase as a result of an email marketing campaign. That’s a pretty great return on investment!

So how do you get started?

First order of business when putting together an e-newsletter is to build a quality list of customer emails. But, before you start madly inputting all of your customer emails into a spreadsheet, make sure you first have their permission to e-mail them, as per Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) that came into effect July 1, 2014. Under this legislation you are not allowed to send an electronic message with the consent of your customer, you must provide an opportunity for customers to opt out of your electronic message; you must clearly identify yourself and your organization, and finally, you must be truthful in your advertising (i.e. Taxes included). For more information about CASL, please click here.

Running low on emails? Try putting out a sign-up sheet at your next open house, and don’t forget to add a way for customers and prospects to opt-in to your newsletter on your high traffic website pages (i.e. Home Page, Contact Us, My Listings) and social media.

Choosing an Email Service Provider

After you’ve created your e-mail list, you’ll need to choose an email service provider to send your newsletter out through. recently shared a list of the 7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2018) that offers a great starting point.

Using a full-service e-mail provider allows you to track your Open Rates, Bounce Rates, Click through Rates, Unsubscribes, and more, valuable marketing statistics that you can use to make informed decisions about your marketing. E-mail providers also commonly offer live chat, email, community support, and a vast library of resources to draw from, which can be very helpful when figuring out how to set up your templates, upload contacts, and more. Speaking of templates, we are glad to help you set up a template that is not only easy to use but also true to your brand.

A well-built newsletter should identify your company, use headings to separate the different parts, use eye catching and relevant imagery, be branded, and allow for social sharing. It should also include numerous Calls to Actions that are easy to click (for example, links to your website, social media, listing, etc). You also need to add a way for your subscribers to unsubscribe, as per the above CASL laws we discussed.

Crafting Newsletter Content

Once you have your shiny new template set up and ready to go, it’s time to add some equally as amazing content to the mix. Here are a few tips for crafting effective content:

  • Greet your readers by their first name whenever possible to create a personal connection
  • Share valuable content that happened recently (i.e. don’t advertise a house sale that happened six months ago), is relevant (is it something your audience is interested in and finds useful), and unique (you don’t want to provide the same home staging tips over and over again).
  • Don’t sell aggressively. A well balance newsletter should be 90% content, 10% promotion.
  • Use simple language and short sentences. Make your content easy to digest and straight to the point. Make sure you include your most important content at the start of your newsletter so it’s not missed.
  • Don’t use industry jargon. You don’t want to risk talking over your reader’s head and alienating them.
  • Send, seal, and deliver it with an amazing subject line. We love the 4U subject line method: Urgent, Unique, Ultra-Specific, and Useful. You want your reader to think they ABSOLUTELY must open your email or they will be missing out. Not only should subject lines be catchy but they should also be concise – 50 characters or less. Avoid using Caps Lock or spammy words such as “Free!” or “Discount” or you’ll likely end up in spam.

And, always, always, ALWAYS spell check and review your newsletter for any grammar errors, before you hit send. Better yet, send yourself a test email first and double check not only for grammar but also broken links or images. It’s better for you to catch an error than your reader.

Finally, consider what time you are sending your e-newsletter. Accordingly to research, the best day to send an email is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 10 am, 8 pm, 2 pm, and 6 am. You may need to play around with the time and day over your first few e-newsletters to find the winning formula where your readers are most active and most likely to convert to a lead.

Setting up your first e-newsletter may take some time but in the end it will be worth it. Need a hand brainstorming for your first e-newsletter? Call us today to get started!

How to Write Listings That Sell

We’re often asked what the secret to writing an effective real estate listing is. Is it the headline? Is it the content? Is it the photos/videos? Is it a combination of all three? It’s definitely a combo of all three. Here’s how to best approach each essential element:

The Ad Headline

The headline of your listing is vital – after all it is what will catch your reader’s attention right away. Always remember the “who” when you write your headline, and then be prepared to back it up right away in the content. Then, reinforce or remind the reader about the headline at the end of the ad, because the reader may get distracted and you want to bring them back to what attracted them to your ad in the first place.

For example, let’s say your headline is “Buy your dream house in the country!” which likely is going to evoke ideas of grandiose, of sweeping acreage, of multiple bedrooms, beautiful views, and a long winding driveway. So your first sentence of the ad needs to back this up – for example, “This 5 bedroom, 4 bath 4500 square foot home is set on four acres of pristine land with a view of Mount Baker, nestled on quaint road with a majestic wrought-iron gate.” Then, to remind the reader of why the ad piqued their interest, you might say “Get started on your dream country living, by calling us today!”

A great headline should also contain one or more of the following: a stated or implied benefit, something that is novel or topical, and a curiousity element (think a gimmick but definitely not a gimmick for just gimmicks sake). Here’s a great example – “Hard work does pay” as a headline for a property that requires TLC. It makes the reader ask “What and how much do I have to do?” (a curiosity element) and “What will the rewards be?” (a benefit).

And don’t ever underestimate the power of some humor! A recent listing on Craigslist ran with the headline “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? 14.5 Acres of Wooded Land for How Much??”

The Ad Content

Always remember that the key to writing any effective listing is to remember that you are not selling a house; you’re selling living there. When you do, you’ll match the picture the prospective buyers have in their minds about what it will be like living in the house you are advertising. Consumers need to know what living in your listing is all about. Are the neighbors nice? Is there a school close by? What about transit? A well-written listing will answer all these questions for them. And of course, they want to know how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and what the square footage is.

Including certain keywords in your listing can also do wonders, and even help your listing sell for above average values. Here are 15 such keywords: luxurious, captivating, impeccable, stainless, basketball (in terms of a basketball court – a huge selling point), landscaped, granite, pergola, remodel, beautiful, gentle, spotless, tile, upgraded, and updated. Avoid negative or misleading keywords like small, tiny, outdated, cramped, basement unit, near railroad tracks, needs paint, leaky roof, or motivated seller. Also, steer clear of any terminology that references race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national heritage.

Here are a few other points to keep in mind:

  • Caps should never be used in a listing: In a headline its okay but you never want to sound like you’re shouting at your reader.
  • Proofread: The last thing you want is for your listing to feature a walking closet, wreck room, hardware floors, and stainless steal appliances!
  • Bullet points are advantageous as well especially since when people surf the web, they scan rather than read.
  • Keep it short – Ideally a property description should not exceed 250 words.
  • Brand name dropping is a good thing (furniture, appliances, heating system, or even the interior designer).
  • Always end the copy with a distinct Call to Action.
  • Ensure that your contact information is correct.
  • Address your reader in a conversational tone.
  • Highlight the upgrades – for example new windows, countertops, carpets, roof, heating system, deck, etc.

And, although it won’t apply directly to your listing, advertising a promotion may help give your readers a little extra nudge towards taking action. You could for example offer seller financing on the property or offer a small discount from the listed price.

The Photos/Videos

The pictures/video you include in your listing should be high-quality and resolution and always of a move-in ready house. Make sure the beds are made and the clutter is gone. If you can hire a professional freelancer who specializes in real estate photography, do it! Often professionals can also make drone videos or virtual tours, even 3D ones.

If you’re doing it yourself, here are some tips:

  • Use a wide angle camera lens to capture the full essence of a space, giving a true sense of both depth and detail.
  • Keep space and natural light in mind when composing your pictures.
  • Shoot your photographs in the horizontal or landscape orientation whenever possible because our brain finds it more pleasing.
  • Be prepared to put in the time. A great photo shoot may take several hours. After all you’ll need at least 10 – 12 photos.

We know this is a lot of information to take in so we recommend thinking on it and then giving us a call when it all sinks in! We can help you put all the pieces together to create a listing that properly represents you and your brand, and wows your reader.

Agent Makeover Swag

Brand Yourself with Swag

It’s no secret that customers love free things. That’s why swag is always a huge hit: sticky notes, pens, USB drives, key chains, t-shirts, umbrellas, water bottles, and the list goes on. If it’s free, your customer will likely take one, if not two (or more!).

And, you definitely want them to, but only if that swag is properly branded to you. By properly, we mean true to your brand standards.

Before you rush to place a swag order in time for your next open house, pause for a moment. If you rush into things, you’ll run the risk of your swag coming back with incorrect colors, a stretched or squished logo, or completely incorrect contact information. Consistency is paramount when it comes to swag – your logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and voice need to be identical to what you’ve used in your other marketing collateral. If not, you’ll not only create confusion with your customer, but you’ll also devalue the brand you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We can help! We’ve got the expertise to make sure your swag is designed properly from the get go so that it always has the right fonts, colors, and layout BEFORE it ever gets to the supplier. We’ll even work directly with the supplier on your behalf. At Agent Makeover, we have vendors who specialize in creating swag that we trust to properly handle our customers’ promo materials, right down to the smallest detail.

It’s important to remember that just because a supplier may offer a free design add-on, it doesn’t mean they actually know anything about design.

Picking the right kind of swag for your brand is also important:

  • You want to invest in swag that your customer will actually use. A great test to make sure you are buying the right kind of swag is to ask yourself, “Would my target audience like to receive this and would they use it?” If the answer is yes, then place that order!
  • Invest in something that will last. Don’t cheap out on your swag. Invest in something that will stand the test of time, just like your brand, and focus on quality over quantity. There’s a big difference between a .25 cent pen and a .90 cent pen. The marginal price difference between the two will be worth it. You want your swag to deliver your message, repeatedly over time, and it’s hard to do that from inside a garbage bin!

Delivery is also important. Sure, you could put the swag out in a basket at your next open house, free for the taking, or you could deliver it personally. Taking the time to shower your customer with some quality one-on-one time will go a long way in establishing a great relationship from the start. Add a little note with the item or even gift wrap it. Treating your swag like a gift rather than a giveaway can also help trigger a reciprocity effect which can in turn lead to better response rates, repeat business, and referrals. And who doesn’t want that?

Contact Agent Makeover today for more tips and techniques on making swag work in your favor!

Why Hire a Creative Agency

Why Hire a Creative Agency?

We like to think of Agent Makeover, and any creative agency for that matter, as a marketing smorgasbord of sorts. Brand strategy, conceptualization, design, advertising…we offer it all, and some! Try a few “bites” of this, or a few bites of that, or enjoy the whole meal deal. It’s up to you!

Here’s why the Creative Agency “menu” is always worth trying:

  • Artistic and creative ability: You’re unique so your brand strategy and design should always be as well. We’ll pull out all the stops to create a customized branding “recipe” that includes both artistic and creative ingredients designed to amaze and wow your customer, and leave them coming back for seconds (and thirds!).
  • To show you the Big Picture: Figuring out what your brand should look like can be completely overwhelming. What do you have/want to offer? How are you different from your competition? A creative agency can help you answer these tough questions and narrow down your ideas to a solid concept. Let’s us do the heavy lifting and create a fully comprehensive branding menu that won’t disappoint.
  • The design process is collaborative: Think of a creative agency like your Sous Chef. They are your second in command, ready to work with you to create something truly amazing. You think up the ingredients, we’ll put together the menu, and viola – you’ll have a unique, mouth-watering branding meal that can’t be beat!
  • To save you money: When you buy the whole meal deal at a creative agency, you’ll save (no ifs ands or buts about it). Think about it – if you were to buy your morning coffee at your local coffee shop, your morning bagel at another shop, and then a banana at your local green grocer, you’d likely spend more than if you were to buy them all in one place. That’s what a creative agency is – your one stop shop that saves you both time and money. And who doesn’t want that?
  • Budget: Don’t have a large budget? No problem! The great part of using a creative agency is that it’s never an all or nothing situation. We can access what you need, and what you can afford, and then plan for what you will need in the next year(s) ahead. 
  • Project Management: When your main “meal” is finished, you’ll never just be rushed out the door. A creative agency will stick with your project until the very end. For example, at Agent Makeover, once your design is finished, we’ll also gladly send your files to your web host or printer or you can use ours. The choice is yours! We are able to print and ship to any city in North America.
  • Referrals: A creative agency is always a great tour guide. At Agent Makeover we’re always up for making introductions, especially to the most beneficial professionals and suppliers in your area. Curious who the best photographer in your area is? Just ask! Need help with art direction? Let us know! Not sure what to wear for your photo shoot? We’ve got some great tips up our sleeve.
  • It’s more fun! “Eating” alone is never fun. We’re great company, we promise! Bounce ideas off of us, ask for advice, and share your struggles…we’re here for it all. Having fun is just a bonus!
  • Your creative agency looks out for you: When you’re working alone, it’s you against the world. When you work with a creative agency, you’ve got someone else protecting your best interests. At Agent Makeover, we’re 100% invested in your project, at every step of the way. We’ve got your back!
  • Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge: They say strength comes in numbers, and we firmly believe that. When you take the branding and marketing knowledge of a creative agency and combine it with your expertise, there’s no stopping you!

You’ll never leave disappointed when you “eat” off the Creative Agency menu. You might leave full, but you’ll always leave satisfied.

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