STORYTELLING makes your marketing Rock!

Everyone is talking about storytelling these days, but do you understand the power of these words? As architects of your brand, we make sure to build this foundational principle into your design. It’s simply more interesting and creates a more meaningful connection with others.

Everyone has their story and we want to showcase it in the brand. What would your story be about? It could include a previous career…we once branded a real estate pilot, she was a commercial pilot with an airline before entering the real estate business. We’ve had clients who own vintage cars, or as in Carolynn’s case we wanted everyone to know about her 16 years in the industry. Once you have a compelling and distinctive brand you will notice the attention to your service. Most importantly, you also have to implement your branding via web and social media with a frequent program of farming and possibly exposure on large format outdoor media like billboards and bus shelters. We can help you to get your brand out there and be noticed!


Storytelling Case Study:

Carolynn Thelemaque a successful agent in Danville CA. Carolynn was confident in her ability to serve her clients, with her years of experience, but it wasn’t evident in her marketing. Her brand now connects and communicates her strengths – the tagline and design say it at a glance: A Legacy of service. We included a flower from California in her brand…the yellow poppy. The combination is inviting and the effect is solid. Who doesn’t feel good when they see flowers? We always ask – What makes you exceptional and what separates you from others? What can we talk about and showcase?

Now that Carolyn has her brand on her website, social media and her handout materials, we continue the story by including this narrative through an intriguing product: The Theme brochure. In the brochure, we have delved into Carolynn’s abilities and showcased many testimonials. You need to do more than hand out a nice business card…You should carve out your image niche by telling your story over and over, on all of your materials. We recommend having a variety of materials designed that continue your legacy and your story. Implementation is just as imperative. The more that people see you, the greater the possibility to be remembered and contacted. Think about where you like to see advertisers…Do you prefer a printed item arriving in your mailbox? A certain market prefers hard copy like the baby boomers who are the largest market of homeowners. Or you may prefer the social media platform. Choose your target market and start to introduce your story. The more people that see you on a frequent basis the more they will remember you and your story.

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If you would like to tell your story we can make it happen!