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How to Properly Launch Your Brand

Your business card is done, your letterhead is printed, and your website is ready to launch. Now what? Your physical branding pieces may be ready to go but the work is far from finished. Next up? Your brand launch! You’ve put the time and effort into customizing your personal brand and now it’s time to […]

The Importance of Blogging

Blogs – It’s the “it” word of online marketing these days. There are blogs all over the internet, on every subject imaginable – finance, parenting, food, beauty, fashion…you name it, and it’s out there. And yes, there are even blogs on everything to do with real estate. So, you might be asking “What is a […]

Branding Photography 101

We’ve all heard that old saying – a picture speaks a thousand words. And it’s true, especially when it comes to branding. When choosing a branding photo to represent yourself, it’s integral that the photo speaks the thousand words your customer wants, and needs, to hear. After all, visual content drives engagement which ultimately drives […]

STORYTELLING makes your marketing Rock!

Everyone is talking about storytelling these days, but do you understand the power of these words? As architects of your brand, we make sure to build this foundational principle into your design. It’s simply more interesting and creates a more meaningful connection with others. Everyone has their story and we want to showcase it in […]

What are the Key Benefits of personal branding?

Personal Branding is all about marketing YOU…There is no one like you, in the world. Your personal branding showcases who you are…It’s an authentic snapshot of your personality and skills… I often call it your digital handshake, because when clients see it they should have an immediate impression of you and hopefully that translates to […]

Postcard Farming is still an effective way to boost your business

Have you given up on farming an area with your branded marketing materials? Many agents rely heavily on social media, and that’s all good…How do you analyze your social media leads? Agent Makeover has seen a return to farming with printed materials. We can design whatever you require, a sales postcard like Deborah’s or seasonal themes as […]

Custom Brand Design for Barbara Best

Agent Makeover is proud to announce our custom REALTOR® brand design for Barbara Best a realtor, with Keller Williams Advantage Realty, Toronto. Barbara specializes in selling homes in a beautiful area in her city called The Beaches. These homes are steps from the Beach, with wonderful lakeside lifestyle, and community-minded residents. The goal was to […]